And They're Off! 
Ken & Adam took off this morning as expected around 8:30AM for their drive to Maine. Best of luck to them!


p.s. Pictures of Ken & Adam starting off in Baxter, courtesy of Glenn Pearsall via Carol, are available at: ... 0cAHWGCckc
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Days to go! 
It's a few minutes before midnight on Monday as I write this and time is running out for my preparations! Thursday morning, June 14, I will begin the long drive (9 hours in a car total) to Millinocket, ME so that bright and early on Friday, June 15, we can HOPEFULLY begin the hike.

The typical plan is to hike Katahdin (10 miles round trip, 4000+ feet elevation gain) the first day, return to camp, then continue with the AT. So by the 16th we should be leaving Baxter State Park behind us!

Don't worry, any day now I hope to "finalize" the Gear page and update the Google Map feature to make it mildly snazzier!
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It all starts with a hush... 
There is no fanfare with this post, just a simple announcement that while much of this site remains under construction, I am quite close to the start of my AT adventure - mentally, physically and ... timely?

The blog you're browsing will be my primary means of providing updates about my progress. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions, this site is as much about me as it is you!

-- Ken
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