In early May or late April, 2011, I will begin hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border in Campo, CA, and if all goes well I will be hiking in to Canada from the Washington state border many months later. This site is dedicated to chroncling my adventure and hopefully staying up-to-date with my status.

Overview of the PCT
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The Pacific Crest Trail (commonly referred to as the PCT, and occasionally designated as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail) is a long-distance mountain hiking and equestrian trail on the Western Seaboard of the United States. The southern terminus is at the California border with Mexico. The trail continues through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington before reaching its northern terminus in British Columbia, Canada.

The trail follows the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range, which parallel the Pacific Ocean by 100 to 150 miles (160 to 240 km). The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles (4,260 km) long[4] and ranges in elevation from just above sea level at the Oregon-Washington border to 13,153 feet (4,009 m)[2] at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada. The route passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks.[5]

It was designated a National Scenic Trail in 1968, although it was not officially completed until 1993.[6] The PCT was conceived by Clinton C. Clarke in 1932; however it was not given official status until the National Trails System Act of 1968.

How to Reach Me On The Trail

The PCT is not like the AT, I will not have the luxury of skipping towns when I get to them. Civilization is fewer and farther between, and I will have to mail food ahead at times. Unfortunately, while I will be relying somewhat heavily on mail drops, I also don't know right now where all they will be or when I'll be reaching them.

That said, I will be checking email occassionally, and certainly my "Base Camp" will be in reasonably frequent communication with me. If you would like to contact me via email, click here and fill out the contact form. Certainly, if you have my email address already, feel free to use it!

The Aftermath
No matter how far I get, I'm sure I'll have lots to write about and plenty of images to provide. Rest assured I will be writing about, and making available, my story just like I did for the AT!
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