No more desert! Oh, and our pipes froze... 
I am at mile 702, Kennedy Meadows, the END of the DESERT and the START of the SIERRAS!!! Woo hooooooo!

Unfortunately, however, the weather situation isn't all that great, and as evidenced by the snow that fell on the mountains just north of here yesterday, and the pipes that froze at the "hostel" I'm staying at, winter is not ready to release its grip on the Sierra's just yet.

In fact, it's hard to type this blog because my hands are stiff from cold, so I'll keep this short.

Bottom line is that, even without the snow conditions on the TRAIL, the fact is that the resorts and villages that I need in order to resupply won't be plowed out for a few more weeks. I COULD start hiking and hope they're plowed out by the time I get there, but that's not a reasonable risk. So I'm going to find my way to town and either get a rental car or flight out of here. After two weeks of waiting, I'll return to the trail.

More to come when I warm up...

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