Snow pack 
I'm hearing that snow conditions are not just bad (for hikers) in the Sierra's, but that Northern CA, OR and WA are just not worth skippong ahead to. In previous years skipping ahead was possible because those regions didn't get the same recods snows as the Sierra's. This year it seems Mother Nature was being fair and balanced. As I sit, sunning myself at a Motel 6 pool in Mojave, CA (the pool is ice cold, the wind is almost steadily 20-50mph, and the temperature feels 70) I have the feeling that my best option is to Kennedy Meadows, pick up my packages, and catch a bus/ride someplace to lie on wait for things to melt. Yes, it might be possible to keeo going, but I don't think it would be as enjoyable.

We'll see how things look in a week when I'm at Kennedy Meadows. For now I just wish I had ear plugs - this wind is INTENSE!

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