Mile 370 - Wrightwood 
Walked over the San Andreas Fault yesterday, after spending a few hours relaxing at a McDonalds. What?! Yup, that's the PCT for you, fast food one minute, slow continental drift the next.

I'm in Wrightwood, CA, a small town on the San Andreas Fault and at the base of some very tall mountains. Mt Baden-Powell is next door and has a lot of snow on it at this moment. I'm still walking through desert, forest, forest + snow, forest, desert, repeat and will be at least a few more days - I don't believe snow will be on the trail after Mt Baden-Powell.

Town is small and condensed, so it's easy to get around and find what you need. I might actually stay in town and take a "zero day" (no hiking) because I'm once again nursing a sprained ankle. Darn right foot just loves to keep rolling underneath me. Coincidentally (or not?) only my right foot has suffered from some early blister problems that have now subsided and are on the mend. It's all good.

For those of you not aware, I am hoping to pick up some sign-language on the trail and bought a bunch of waterproof index cards with signs printed on them. I then had my co-workers write comments on them, but never read any of them. Andrea has just sent me my first batch of cards and I have to say the comments are making me laugh. Nice shoes, Becky. ;) Ed, I actually DO wish I was on my bicycle (save my ankle the trouble of spraining itself). Thanks!

I am currently considering my options for the Sierra's, since they are about 3 weeks away. I might tackle the snow and swollen river crossings, I might skip ahead to the Lake Tahoe area and hike to Canada then come back when everything is melted, or I might take a few weeks off and wait for things to melt more. Right now I am WAY ahead of the main pack of hikers, and I am going to hit the Sierra's way too early for most people, and I am not one to just slow down or take time off. It's awfully tempting to jump ahead and come back later.

Well, time to get rolling. There's eating to do. Oh, and the toilet in my motel room refuses to flush properly, so I'm trying to fix that (it's some really weird low-flow shelf retrofitted into the water reservoir area, definitely not your standard setup). :)

Oh, Rob W, I fully expect there to be evidence that you've been riding my bike while I'm gone! I want to see that the seat and handlebars have been adjusted to your dimensions!

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