Weather update as of 3:15 PM PDT on October 04, 2011 
12 hours later we have a slightly larger storm predicted, hehe. From my view here in the valley floor, there are definitely large, black clouds lingering up there in the mountains. For your information, the trail from Echo Lake to Donner Pass (the 60 miles I have left) is all between 7000 and 9000 feet with one pass a little over 9000. So, yes, right in the brunt of the storm. There are a few huts that I can take refuge in, and side trails or forest roads I can use to escape down to the lake level (Tahoe) if it should come to that.

No matter, my current course is to hit the trail Thursday morning and just deal with whatever lingering mess is on the ground. Or in the air. It's certainly easier to hike on 15' of snow than it is 10 inches - since 10 inches won't quite smooth over all those gaps and crevices in the rocks/trail. Heck, it will probably feel like being back in New York!

Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 11 PM this evening
to 2 PM PDT Wednesday above 7000 feet...

A Winter Storm Warning above 7000 feet remains in effect from
11 PM this evening to 2 PM PDT Wednesday.

* Timing: heaviest mountain snow late tonight into Wednesday
morning... with snow showers continuing into Wednesday

* Snow accumulations: 6 to 12 inches above 7000 feet... with a up
to 3 inches below 7000 feet.

* Winds: southwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph
below ridges. Ridge gusts near 100 mph tonight and early
Wednesday morning.

* Snow levels: 7500 to 8500 feet falling below lake level by late
Wednesday morning.

* Impacts: slick and snow covered roads will make travel hazardous
over the mountain passes above 7000 feet. This includes... The
Mount rose Highway... Donner Summit... Echo Summit and Carson
Pass. Highway 4 may close during this storm.

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The bad news is that Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon there is a winter storm warning for the Tahoe area - where I am - with 100mph winds and 10" of snow (the worst of it Tuesday night). The good news is I am comfortably holed up at Jim and Jackie's house in Carson City, NV. I have had 40-60mph winds the last couple days and nights and it's been hard on my tarp and sleep - but fortunately no rain/snow at the same time.

I'm going to wait and see how the storm develops before spending a night on the trail but I might try to piece together several day-hikes to finish my LAST 60 MILES! I'll know more tomorrow (Tuesday). The good thing is that Jim and Jackie are nearby if I should run into trouble - and cell reception is pretty good.

No matter what, I am committed to being finished by Friday when Andrea arrives for a Reno vacation. If I have to come back next year to hike Echo Lake to Donner Pass, it wouldn't be the end of the world. But, I am optimistic that I can find good (i.e. safe) weather Wednesday and Thursday.

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I am currently at the Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR) enjoying some laundry, clean clothes, and food. I haven't had a lot of time or internet availability, nor will I for another 10 days, so forgive the infrequent blogging.

I got back on the PCT around Lone Pine, CA, 20 or so miles south of the Mt Whitney side trail (PCT mile 749) and the scenery has been phenomenal! Mt Whitney had a gorgeous view (highest mountain in the lower 48 states) and all the mountain passes and valleys in between have been stunning (and mostly void of SNOW!).

The only snag so far is that I just learned Tuolumne Meadows, my next resupply, is closed already. D'oh! So my alternative is to see if I can bribe my Uncle Glenn in to coming out from Santa Cruz to take me to a store (hehe), hike/hitch 25 miles to Yosemite Valley (and back 25 miles), or get to Mammoth Lakes, CA and just carry an extra 2 days of food. I hate changing logistics. Blech.

Anyway, I'm paying for internet by the half hour, so it's time to log out. Sorry you have to wait a while longer for the next set of photos. :)

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Oh Canada! 
It's Andrea-- I got the fabulous news yesterday that Ken made it into Canada. Today he's on his way to Vancouver, Sunday to Reno, and Monday to the southern Sierra's where he'll hike north to Truckee to finish the segment he skipped. Only a couple weeks more to go!

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