Finally finished those pesky 64 miles around Tahoe! 
After a long hiatus from the PCT, I finally got the opportunity to fly out to Reno where I meet up with my friends Jim and Jackie and together we tackle the 64 miles from Echo Lake to I-80 that I was unable to do last year.

On the first three-day weekend, we hike the 32 miles from Echo Lake to Barker Pass. The mosquitoes are out, as are the hikers, and the nights are actually warmer than we were anticipating.

Attempting to hike around Echo Lake, October 2011.

Successfully hiking around Echo Lake, June 21, 2012!

On the second three-day weekend we manage to finish our 32 miles a day early and decide to drive up to the Sierra Buttes to camp and then day-hike the Buttes on Sunday. It's a great chance for me to compare the snow pack from late June 2011 with the bare trail of late July 2012.

A view of the Sierra Buttes North peak, June 22, 2011.

The same view of the Sierra Buttes North peak, July 29, 2012.

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