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      • 10/19/11

      • 10/19/11

      • Some Thoughts
        I've been decompressing and readjusting to civilization for a while now, and doing a lot of reflection on my hike. Here are some categorized thoughts...

        Raw Facts
        I still need to comb through my journal for exact specifics, but roughly here are the statistics from my hike.

      • Snow Shots
        The colors are all wonky because I haven't had time to work with the raw images to set it straight. Here are the last few photos I took of my aborted attempt to hike from Echo Lake to Donner Pass in 1-3' of snow. It was fun at least!

        Hiking around Echo Lake.

      • Smart enough to know when I'm doing something stupid - or - optimism doesn't pay off
        Wow, now THAT was/is one heck of a snow storm for the first week of October! I'll get some photos up tonight of my rental car buried in snow, among other snowy shots.

        So I hit the trail around 6am, beginning with a 1 mile road walk followed by a walk around Echo Lake. I say walk, but

      • The Storm and the Plan
        The storm has hit. From the valley I can see lots of snow on the mountains, and the clouds are certainly thick and ominous. South Lake Tahoe itself did indeed see several inches, while other parts of the lake saw no accumulation.

        Around 4pm today Jim and I were up above Truckee, CA, near

      • Weather update as of 3:15 PM PDT on October 04, 2011
        12 hours later we have a slightly larger storm predicted, hehe. From my view here in the valley floor, there are definitely large, black clouds lingering up there in the mountains. For your information, the trail from Echo Lake to Donner Pass (the 60 miles I have left) is all between 7000 and 9000 f

      • 10/04/11

      • Blargh!
        The bad news is that Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon there is a winter storm warning for the Tahoe area - where I am - with 100mph winds and 10" of snow (the worst of it Tuesday night). The good news is I am comfortably holed up at Jim and Jackie's house in Carson City, NV. I have

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