Maine, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: Enjoy!

Rough Overview and Apology

A 3,300 mile road trip to Maine, then New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There were light houses, seafood, beaches, coves, seals, whales, and many quaint villages and some modest cities.

I put this page together in haste, and would like to return to it to include better descriptions and maybe photo captions. That said, clicking on a thumbnail will pop open a new window to see the full sized image - you will have to close the window to get back to the site. Hopefully I'll find time to improve this process.

New Brunswick

One night in St Martins, another night in Moncton. In St John we saw the Reverse Falls and had lunch downtown. In St Martin we saw the caves and explored the Fundy Trail - a scenic drive with overlooks, side trails, nature center, and in theory bicyclists and hikers traveling the full length of the trail (we didn't see any on the trail, but we did pick up two that were hitchhiking outside the park). We hiked a little in Fundy National Park, and a lot more in Hopewell Rocks where we saw large rocks and cliffs eroded to look like large flower pots. In Moncton, a small city, we enjoyed watching a surfer ride the tidal bore.

Prince Edward Island

We took the bridge to from New Brunswick to PEI and the ferry to Nova Scotia. Our B&B was in Charlottetown, in roughly the middle of the island, allowing us to easily see both the western- and northern-most points of PEI as well as the national park beaches. We saw lighthouses, beaches, fishing villages, and wind farms. We also managed to take in a show - Anne of Green Gables (The Musical) in Charlottetown one night. Ate some AMAZING lobster and oysters here, but seafood in general is great in PEI.

Cape Breton

The mountains, ocean coastline and interior lakes were all stunning and unlike anything else we'd seen in the provinces. The water was clear and mostly blue or green, and we were fortunate to see whales swimming near shore - although not in any way that I could photograph them. Cape Breton Highlands National Park was a phenomenal destination, allowing us opportunities for short and long hike, enjoy scenic overlooks, and take in a full range of outdoor genres.

Nova Scotia

Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Crystal Crescent Beach, Keji National Seashore, and Yarmouth - a cornucopia of site, from city to the wild. We saw seals, more lighthouses, forts, city life, and listened to live celtic music in a pub.

10 Hour Ferry to Portland

Nova Star runs a ferry from Yarmouth, NS to Portland, ME that takes 10 hours and is equipped with bars, restaurants, a casino, a movie lounge, formal and informal seating, lounges and guest cabins. Oddly, I found the outdoor viewing options lacking, with only open decks on the rear and on the sides toward the rear. The food was surprisingly good and affordable. It was a nice way to get back to the US.
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