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Smart enough to know when I'm doing something stupid - or - optimism doesn't pay off 
Wow, now THAT was/is one heck of a snow storm for the first week of October! I'll get some photos up tonight of my rental car buried in snow, among other snowy shots.

So I hit the trail around 6am, beginning with a 1 mile road walk followed by a walk around Echo Lake. I say walk, but it was more of a "trudge". You see, there was indeed 1 foot of snow as a base, but on top of that was another 1 to 2 feet depending on the drifts that formed. At one point I was up to my waist - even with snowshoes. After a few hours, with cold, wet feet, the sun still hidden, and snow still coming down, I decided I was being stupid and should turn back. Especially since I would be going up 1000' in 10 miles to go up and over Dicks Pass.

And so I headed back to the road, hitched down to South Lake Tahoe, and then amazingly found a hitch not just to the exit where my car was, but to my car AND he helped shovel it out and make sure I got to the road safely. Whew!

So I'm back with Jim and Jackie in Carson City and will be meeting up with Andrea in Reno tomorrow. I am OFFICIALLY DONE WITH MY PCT HIKE! I am ultimately somewhere around 95 miles short of hiking the whole thing (40-ish between Kennedy Meadows and Lone Pine, 55-ish between Echo Lake and Truckee), but I am content. I primarily wanted to hike the PCT to get good photos and views, and I got that. And now I have another excuse to come back to Reno!

More of a recap later, I just thought you should know I'm DONE and I'm ALIVE. :)

I'm glad your mother didn't raise a stupid child. Glad you're safe!

I heard about the snow storm, and thought of you, so glad to hear you are safe and completed your journey! Pyrite and I are readjusting in Seattle. Enjoy your transition, and definitely keep in touch:)

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